About Route 53

Who is Route 53?

Who is Route 53?

Route 53?  What ‘s with the name?  I am a native San Franciscan who loved the character, Herbie, the Love Bug, a Disney car with a mind of it’s own, while growing up.  How much?  Well today I drive a New Beetle with the Herbie stripes and the number 53 up and down the streets of San Francisco just like the original Herbie did in the movie back in 1969.

Thus Route53 is a blog about my adventures in Herbie as well as thoughts on other parts of life.  I’ve always kept a journal with lots of great thoughts about things in my life.  Some thoughts are public and some are private.  I think the private thoughts will always stay in my physical journal, but it is time I share some of my public thoughts as many friends have told me I should.

Why would you read this?  Well I hope to keep a little travel journal.  What makes me so special?  Nothing really.  As an ex-travel professional who started working in the luxury hospitality business at the age of 22, I have developed a palate for what I like to enjoy in my accommodations away from home.  Whether you are spending a business stay overnight in a city half way across the country, a week at a luxury resort in the south Pacific, a boutique hotel in an American or European urban setting, I have always found that my thoughts resonated well with my co-workers who have found my insight useful.

On these pages I plan to show some photos and provide comments primarily on the room and hotel, but also on local eateries, touristy thoughts and my own personal antecdotes.  My opinions are simply my own and my tastes don’t always mesh with everyone else’s but hopefully you’ll at least get a laugh as I do get a little adventurous sometimes!  When I first started, I kept detailed journals of my travels and experiences thinking that someday I would visit these places again with someone special.  I will share some of these thoughts as I visit them and other new places in my life. 

Also as a native San Franciscan (a dying breed they say) raising children in San Francisco I have my own perspective on this small part of the world.  Currently I am running an affiliate marketing program for Ticketmaster.  The world of online marketing runs deep with me and has been my work for the last 10-15 years so I will share some of those business thoughts as well.

I hope to add other parts with photos and ideas as my time allows.  Yes, Route 53 is my own journey and my own road.  You can backseat drive or sit shotgun with me as I go down life’s journey sharing as much with you as I dare.


Right after I started this, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has consumed most of my writing.  I will try to insert some of my other topics over time so this just doesn’t become a cancer blog.

8 thoughts on “About Route 53”

  1. Hi there…..First of all, I love the Herbie picture on the site. I too was a big fan as a kid and still have to admit love the old movies!!

    Your comments on caregiving while balancing your aging parents and your own kids touched me. You are putting a new twist on what the sandwich generation is all about. Check out http://www.genwich.com come for some resources and my blog.

  2. Thanks Michael,

    No shame in being a Herbie fan. As far as caregiving is concerned, I’ve actually worked on many products and projects over the years aimed at caregivers. Most of these people are part of the Boomer generation. I studied under Dr Ken Dychtwald who wrote the book, Age Wave and can often be seen on CNN. You can find out more here at http://www.agewave.com

  3. Erik,

    I would love for you to write a short story for our Co-survivorship section of our website fightpink.org. I am doing the blog book tour with Chad, and am so inspired by your writing. I would like to also showcase your wife in our survivorship section of the website, if she is up to it. I just finished my 4th recon surgery on 11/11…and she is having hers on 12/12 ..LOL..

    Please consider writing your story, or even just parts of your blog into a story. We are looking at the other side of the survivors story. How the families and friends felt. It is just another way to look at the same story, and I have found that it helps the Survivor..by understanding their loved ones more.

    Hope to hear from you!


  4. Erik, we spoke in November about social networking. I was getting ready to follow up with you and found your story of survivorship. The Byers family I founded the Believe for Boey foundation; a non profit to help families and children suffering from pediatric cancer. The foundation was created in honor of Jenessa “Boey” Byers a twice cancer survivor widely recognized for getting the Conquer Childhood Cancer act on the Senate Floor and ultimately signed by the president. She passed away from complications related to her cancer at 8 years old. http://www.beliveforboey.org http://www.jenessabyers.com

    • Thanks Jeff. Cancers of all types hit us in so many different ways, but they all hit the same part equally hard and that is the heart of those who care for those in their fight.

  5. Erik,

    I am so sorry to hear about your wife. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I just came across your blog. You are a gifted writer! I look forward to reading more of your updates.

    • Thanks Karen,

      We’re doing okay and my wife is a trooper. Ironically today my wife is undergoing her 4th proceudre in a year and when I came hope to pick her up I found that she had “passed the time” baking a few dozen muffins. Can you believe it? And she wasn’t even allowed to eat anything all day.

    • Hey Karen, Thank you. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat with you at the New York Conference. See you in Vegas in January I hope.

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