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 When you look at the Asians, the Asian is very gifted in creation, creativity and inventions. If you go to Japan or any Asian country, they can turn a television into a watch. They’re very creative. – Reggie White, former NFL start and Hall of Famer.

Okay…this is totally off topic for me.  Well not so much, but recently I’ve come across a couple of racial stereotypes about Asians.  Nahhh, I’m not offput by either of them.  They were both done harmlessly although one I found to be one I relate to and the other made me look at myself in the mirror. 

So the first one has to do with the trailer for the new movie, “Up In the Air”.  Have you seen it?  There’s a part where George Clooney’s character says he likes to get behind Asians in line at the airport because we are fast especially since we all wear slip on shoes.  I plead guilty!  Although I grew up with lace-up shoes (my Chinese father told me , “Loafers are called that because they are for people who are too lazy to bend over and properly lace up their shoes!), ever since September 11th I have switched to slip on shoes.  In fact, I have a real affinity for a particular pair of Johnston & Murphy Men’s Harding Slip-On shoes. LOL!  Seriously though, it really makes it easy when you are trying to grab all of your bags off the short conveyor belt while the people around you are busy stripping down or falling over trying to tie their shoes and race through airports.  Want another tip from Asians?  For the business traveler it’s the Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 Laptop Messenger Bag.  Remember when we used to have to power on our computers and then spend a few minutes making sure that the computer powered on and off properly?  Thank goodness those days are gone.  But still, we have to pull out our computer and put it in a bin.  With this bag, all we have to do is unzip it and flip out flat.  It will save you another 30 seconds on both sides of the conveyor belt I guarantee it! 

The other night I found myself watching Wanda Syke’s new show.   It was crass chuckling humor and I was using it as background noise until there came a segment called “Know Your Asians”……now I am not someone who gets easily offended at pokes at my own ethnicity, but heck Wanda…what was up with the crack that Asians have flat “backsides”?  We do have a little junk in our trunk.  We just choose not to wear our pants around our bottoms because it simply isn’t a fashion we enjoy. I had to ask a few of my other Asian friends.  We checked each other out.  Japanese, nope. Chinese, not really. Phillipino, no way.  Then came my Korean friend!  Shyly she said she was to blame.  There you go Wanda!  You need to know your Asians!  Seriously!  We want a retraction and an apology! LOL!  Again, this was all in jest and if you can’t laugh at yourself, you can’t laugh at others.  I mean, here is Wanda, a black lesbian with a tranny as a co-host sidekick.  We aren’t supposed to take this seriously.

This show is really bad, but if you want to see this clip, here it is:  Check it out in minute 36 of this Series Premiere . 

Of course, if you really want to help me refute Wanda’s stereotype you can just check out my backside (my junk, my humps, derriere) or whatever you choose to call it.  In fact, just get behind this Asian the next time we are at security at the airport.  Just watch out, I’m pretty fast through the security area!