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Erik, let’s be careful out there, and take care of your body”My dad as he used to coin the phrase from the show Hill St. Blues and then add his usual sign-off.

Not really much to say right now.  I have about 5 posts all ready to be sent out for this blog but I have been a bit distracted.  It is always a tough time of year for me.  This week marks 4 years since my dad passed away and every night when I run or before I go to bed my mind has been racing with memories of good times and thinking, “What would my dad do?”  it has kind of been a distraction and as the week comes to an end, I think my week of reflection has helped me with clarity.

In many ways my solitude runs at night have been my conversations, my wake up calls, my time alone with my dad.  In a way, I like to think the hooligans (a word my dad would have used) who tried to hit me with eggs as I ran the other night were just my dad having some fun with me.  I think my dad would have laughed if I came home covered in eggs.

As kids we look at our moms and dads and never really think of them as children of other people and the bond that they have with their parents.   I’m sure my kids don’t realize how much I miss him, but the photos of us playing golf and laughing are all around the house and I think there are enough memories for my children to let them know how important a relationship is between a child and their father and how lucky they are to have one.

As I head into the weekend to become a full-time dad for 48 hours ….my memories of dad might fade..but they will always make me smile……Thanks Dad for still being here in spirit.