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” In less enlightened times, the best way to impress a woman was to drive a hot car.  Women got wiser and got their own hot cars so they wouldn’t have to ride around with jerks.” – Scott Adams, cartoonist

Yes, my wife laughs about “my ride” just as my mother laughed at my dad and his beat up Volkswagens.  My daughter gets slightly embarrassed when I drop her off in school with Herbie, but they just get a kick out of people pointing and giving us the thumbs up with a big smile.  Truck drivers, policemen, little kids…you name it, we’ve seen it all!  Yes, really -ALL.  Seriously, if a car is a person’s identity, then my car is mine.  Life is fun, and you don’t need to have the fastest, sexiest or most expensive tastes to make others smile

This past weekend I was at the Marin County Fair and went out to the exhibitor parking lot ( a big pasture) to get my sweatshirt.  My car was out back by the horse trailers and as I leaned into my car, on the other side of the car and out the windows I saw a bunch of bare chested teenage cheerleader girls.  They had been changing out back behind my car!  As a father of a young girl, I quickly grabbed my sweatshirt, shut the door and walked away as the girls giggled and told me how they loved Herbie. Brother!  Couldn’t they have picked some huge SUV to change behind?

Anyway, I frequently get told by people that they saw me (my car) etc.  So I’ve decided to start posting photos of people with my car.  If you ever find Herbie parked around San Francisco, feel free to take a photo and share it with me.  I will post it here.  Here are a few to start it off.

My Daughter & Herbie

My Daughter & Herbie go camping

John & The Cowmobile

My Business Partner and our other vehicle, the Cowmobile!

County fair volunteers

County Fair Volunteers