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The trouble with baseball is that it is not played the year round. –  Gaylord Perry, ex-Giants pitcher and Hall of Famer 

Me and Hall of Famer, Gaylord Perry

What a beautiful weekend it was in San Francisco.  A great weekend to get out to play and watch sports.  Many Sports weekends of my youth were spent with my dad at sporting events.

If you grew up in my generation in San Francisco and played sports or followed sports, there were three main sports you followed: football, basketball and baseball.  We had a hockey team (the San Francisco Seals) but they weren’t followed by many.  For me though, my dad took me to see the main sports.  My fondest memories of my dad were days like this weekend.  I remember my first baseball game and meeting the pitcher Gaylord Perry and my dad talking about his spitter.  I also remember that the pitcher did not appreciate the connotation that he was noted as a cheater.  We stayed after Warriors basketball games too so I could get Rick Barry’s autograph.  We hung out after 49er games so I could get Steve Spurrier’s autograph.  

A beautiful day this weekend, my son and I got out to see the 49ers with a nice victory over the Rams 23-20.  The same seats I sat in many times with my dad.  The same seats we high fived in and shared many Sundays.  It was just too warm! This was summer baseball weather! Candlestick Park in November is supposed to be cold and extremely windy.  Instead we sat there in short sleeved shirts looking to keep hydrated.

It was a great game and win, but I took note of how quiet it was.  In the 70s, the Warriors brought a basketball championship to the Bay Area. In the 80s and 90s, the 49ers turned San Francisco into a football town, but now the Giants own this town and I noted to my seatmate (a baseball executive) that we are definitely a baseball town now.

It has been two weeks since the World Series ended, but the buzz is still there.  At the 49ers game, many people were dressed in Giants Orange and Black, including me.  A couple weeks back before World Series Game 2, I ran into Gaylord Perry outside of AT&T Park.  I introduced him to my son  I didn’t mention anything about his spitter.   I just told my son he was the starting pitcher at the very first game I ever saw.  I could see the relief on his face that I didn’t mention the thing he was most noted for, and he graciously signed my son’s autograph book. 

Yep….only 90+ days left til Spring Training.  I can’t wait..especially if we continue to have baseball weather and  not football weather.