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Is it really 2012 already?  You know it is in the Affiliate Marketing business because the Affiliate Summit Conference takes place at the beginning of January and marks the start of business with inspirational speakers and talk of what went well and what will be in the coming year.  Does that mean new resolutions?  Let’s just put it out there.  If you have a conference at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas, you’ve probably already broken your resolutions: 1) Lose Weight and 2) Save money.

I don’t really believe in resolutions as a whole year is a long time to keep track of, but I think with short time frames it is easier to keep those.  For those of you new to Affiliate Summit or even those old timers, here are 10 resolutions I have for the next three days of Affiliate Summit.  I’ll let you know if I keep them:

  1. Blog about Affiliate Summit at Affiliate Summit
  2. Get out there.  Shake hands and don’t come back with any business cards even if you have to try and win iPads with them
  3. Get at least 6 hours of sleep (this will be the hardest to keep)
  4. First rule of Affiliate Summit is to tweet about Affiliate Summit (hashtag #asw12)
  5. Eat and hydrate.  In the past I have missed so many meals.  I actually lose weight here)
  6. Take photos…Steve Hall and Brad Crooks are great photographers..but they can’t be everywhere
  7. Say hello to friends and make new ones.  Affiliate Summit is a community.  Continue to build those relationships and say thanks for the great 2011 you had.
  8. Learn something new!  Don’t go back to the office saying the same old thing.  If you are an SEO veteran, don’t go to the same sessions.  Get a new point of view.
  9. Give something back.  Teach someone about your business or thoughts.  Make this a stronger industry.
  10. Come out of Affiliate Summit with a must do.  The best part of Affiliate Summit is I’ve always rushed back on Wednesday to the office with a lot of great opportunities and some of my best deals ever were conjured up and brokered here in Vegas.

Vegas is a great time, but it is even better when you make it a business pleasure as well as a social pleasure.  Hopefully Affiliate Summit can be a productive one for you.    When it comes to Affiliate Summit, what happens in Vegas is much better if you take it with you!