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I have to defend myself against the haters out there first.  Many of you might say that I am NOT a football fan for writing this, but the truth of the matter is that the Super Bowl has become a bit of a glitzy money-maker.  Two weeks have been provider for almost 10 years now after the Championship games to allow for parties and all of the hype to build around the game and allow the NFL to make even more money!  Even some of the players have said they would rather just stop all the interviews, the debate on what to do with Peyton Manning and his bad neck, how the Raiders will try and steal the league’s publicity thunder, and whether Madonna will have a wardrobe malfunction at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show (I might have cared 20 years ago, but not today).

I admit I might still be jaded by the fact that my beloved 49ers are not in this year’s game.  I also might be jaded by the fact that the 49ers now want me to pay $160,000 in football seat licenses for a stadium that is more inconvenient to me.  Maybe greed is no longer good.  So what is a guy to do?  I will go out and enjoy a beautiful day with my family and come home that evening to see the wrap up, the highlights, and the new show that debuts after the Super Bowl.

WAIT A SECOND…you’re probably going to tell me that the Super Bowl isn’t about the game, but rather the commercials.  Will Danica Patrick finally be naked in the GoDaddy commercial? Will Coke outdo Pepsi, and what about the flying Doritos chips?  Will they explode?  At $3.5 million for 30 seconds, the commercials have become a major reason for watching (gambling too). I have to admit…I still think the Cindy Crawford commercial of the kids watching her drink a Pepsi was the best of all time.  It just made the room go quiet.  I can still hear the gulping.  this year you will see a bunch of car ads along with the usual cast of characters.

Super Bowl commercials are undoubtedly now a feature of Super Bowl Sunday and at that price, there is a lot of focus on them.  Curiously enough though, the commercials are now leaking onto the web earlier and now you don’t even have to watch them on game day.  What’s even more interesting, is that these companies might not even have to pay so much for them to be shown?  Look for the NFL to put restrictions on this practice in the future.  In the meantime, for those who love the commercials and are planning on not watching the Super Bowl, here you go (in order of my preference).  Note that I drive a VW Bug and am a HUGE Seinfeld addict:



Honda CR-V:





Budweiser  (Excuse me, this is a football game, not hockey):





Samsung Galaxy


Chevy (Series of Flash Back commercials):



Chevy Sonic:

Century 21 (They’re all bad):


H&M: (Yo this is American Football, not Soccer!)