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So my wife wonders where I wandered off to last night.  I told her I was having an affair.  She didn’t fall for it.  Well it was semi-true.  For 40+ years I’ve been in love with the city I was fortunate to be born and raised in. Tonight, one of her best assets celebrates her 75th birthday.  So before the crowds arrived, I thought I’d wish her a Happy Birthday alone with her.

It was a beautifully clear evening and she never looked better.

San Francisco is so gorgeous I can never stop taking photos even though I’ve photographed her hudreds of times.  The hilarious story is that in taking the photos, there were severeal journalists who got trapped along with me as they closed the park early to prepare for tonight’s festivities.

Eventually we got out and some of the photographers and I went out and took a few more photos.  I couldn’t miss the chance to learn from some of the best photojournalists around.

Coit Tower bathed in Giants Orange

The San Francisco Skyline

So yes, I’ve been having an affair.  And yes she is beautiful.  I’m sorry.  I just can’t stop loving her.  Everyday she makes me smile.  Thanks San Francisco.