” Your breast cancer has changed my actions for the positive”

It is horrible to say that my wife’s cancer had to happen to make me see the light, but with her illness on my mind it has helped me to cope through some of the more tense and trying times at work over the last couple of weeks.

My wife has noticed how much my worrying has taken its toll on me.  I guess I haven’t been sleeping well at night as I’ve just felt like I have no energy.  I have a business trip coming up and I am extremely worried to leave her and the kids for 3 days.  She says she’ll be alright.  I hope so.

Today I would have normally burst out in anger at a colleague for a bonehead move, but I am beyond that right now.  There is nothing more important in my life than my wife’s fight agains this disease that I need to pick a battle over a business matter that I shouldn’t have to worry about in the first place.  I’m finding strength in other places like my workouts where my sore legs don’t bother me and I just power through the pain as my mind tunes in to other thoughts.

My wife is still in a fragile place as she hears from her mother how saddened her uncle was to hear the news.  I think she is just moved to know that people care so much.  It was another good cry to show us both that this is real and we are living this life event even if we find some distraction during the day.

I’ve definitely seen some renewed energy and passion in my wife as she is attacking some tasks and getting ready for one of the biggest days in our lives.  I can only show her how much I support her by showing that same drive and passion.