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“Please pace yourself.  This is just the calm before the storm”

My wife has so much spirit right now that I think she feels ready to take on the world.  The truth is I think she needs to save that inner strength and fortitude.  We have yet to even visit with the breast surgeon or had the MRI.

One of the hard things to do is tell people you have breast cancer.  It has been my job to do that but I think the best strategy is to not tell people until you have all the facts and maybe not until after.  Right now everyone wants to help when we don’t need their help.  We’ll need their help after the surgery.  We decided to not even mention it to other parents in our children’s class.

Although that is a good plan it can backfire.  My “superhuman” wife decided to run a milion errands even taking the kids with her to the hospital to pick up slides and arrange a few more appointments.  It was a good idea to get them used to the sight of a pleasant hospital surrounding.  She then decided to clean the house and got caught while washing her car but a neighbor kid who invited himself into our home.  This kid is really nice but way too much energy and my wife should have just put her foot down and told him to go home.  Although my wife said it was fine, I could see her body was tired at the end of the day, she was still feeling short of breath from being tired, and I was not coming home to the dynamo wife I had been seeing the past few days.

We discussed the need for her to pace herself and she agreed.  We are beginning to set out a plan through the holidays and it will keep us focused on the future.  This might just be longer than a marathon.  Yes, the Olympics start tomorrow.