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” Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

Finally after five months my wife’s parents arrived to console their daughter.  I could see the relief in their eyes.  More importantly I could feel the relief in my that she felt her parents were finally concerned enough.  Their was never any doubt that they were concerned about their daughter, but their hesitation had started to wear on my wife.  Quite frankly it started to wear on me.  Her courage through all of this has been nothing less than a revelation for me.  How she was able to put so many feelings behind her as she went through this battle over the past 5 months has been amazing. 

It couldn’t come at a better time for them to arrive as my work is getting more busy with business integration coming on the heels of the holiday season.  I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders as I can go to work knowing that someone else is around to care for my wife during the day.

Right now our only concern is that my wife is feeling uncomfortable with some redness around her stitches that is very itchy.  I am concerned there might be an infection, but we are not sure.  She’ll be able to go in with her mother to take a look again with the doctor to see if there is any relief they might be able to provide her.

I even noticed my change in my mindset as I ran tonight.  I ran an extra mile and for the first time in a long time, my wife’s cancer did not wander into my head during my 20-25 minute run.  That’s probably because I barely broke a sweat in the bitter 35 degree temperatures outside.   I’m really pleased to have broken the 1100 mile mark this year.  It feels real good and I can feel my stamina and speed to be improving each day.

Maybe now I can start to write about something new.  Hopefully it will allow me to really express some of my real passions in life.