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When you are down, look to your children and your children’s children for hope and happiness – Fortune Cookie

I looked at my fortune tonight as my son and daughter read it over my shoulder.  My daughter asked me what it meant and my son gave me a wry smile as if I had been rooked by the fortune cookie gods.  It is so true to have not just children but to have faimly around you who give you that unconditional love and respect.  That ear that will listen or that smile that brightens a gloomy day.  You don’t have to have that kind of felling with all your children or relatives because it just takes one.

These past five months have had me running, literally, to keep my sanity and energy.  Our children while never less important in our lives have not always been given the attention we’d like to have given them.  As a parent you shield them from life’s problems so that they can approach life without barriers and without bias while tryig to provide them with the tools that will help them to survive barriers and bias.  one of my more favorite movies in the past 10 years is The Pursuit of Happyness.  It is a true story about a single father who did all he could to raise his child in a world that was unkind to him.  Ironically it is a story that took place right here in San Francisco and at the time of the real stroy I was a struggling young college intern right across the street.

I’m not homeless, but the emotional adversity has been rougher on me than I thought it would be.  Finally after 5 months, my wife’s parents are here to help.  The relief in my body is a bit of a shock.  I don’t have to worry about my wife every second of the day and the ability to focus more on my children and reconnect with them on more than just a “bedtime story” level is something I really want and need. 

This weekend we found an hour between the raindrops to toss a baseball around.  It felt good to feel that ball pop in my glove and sting my hand.  After an hour, my hand was burning from my 9 year old’s pitches.  It felt so good for it to hurt like that.  I also took my daughter to go to see the Nutcracker with my mother.  For her to get all dressed up and have a day out on the town with her grandmother made her feel special and the smile on her face was all I needed.

So back to that crazy fortune cookie at San Tung Restaurant.  It was the most honest and truthful fortune cookie for me.  To those who wonder about such things.  I am superstitious.  I take the cookie that is pointing to me and I never read the fortune until I have full swallowed the cookie.  At least that is the rule my cousins always told me to obey.

I explained to my daughter about what it meant and I told them how the game of catch and the Nutcracker were perfect examples of all that I needed to make my life better this holiday season.  I know they don’t get it and they’ll still want the latest electronic games and gadgets for the holidays under the Christmas tree, but should they get my good fortune someday when they are my age, I’m sure they’ll at least understand what I was feeling tonight.