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In this crazy world of social media and digital technology, I’m sometimes lucky to get caught with a camera available when I run into someone who has had their 15 minutes of fame. Some more relevant than others.

One of my favorite shows is the reality TV show Survivor. I like it for the human dynamics involved. There is teamwork, strategy, ethics, and lots of luck. Much like there is in life. Many times I wonder how I’d do on a show like that. When I first watched the show, I became mortified by the decisions people made and the people that won. Finally on Survivor, they had a guy I could relate to. It wasn’t that Yul Kwon was Asian like me (or just as good looking – Note he was once one of People Magazine’s Most eligible Bachelors), but the way he played the game was great.  He was also reaised in Northern California, had an advanced professional degree and spent time in consulting.

Yul is now entering the entrepreneurial space of frozen dessert with the company Red Mango.  As I own several Ben & Jerry franchises, he and his partners came to me with a few questions and I had a business proposition to discuss as well.  Below is a photo of my wife, Yul and me (I took that photo 15 pounds ago) at his store in Palo Alto on University.  Yep, a millionaire served me some yogurt.

My wife, Yul Kwon, and some guy who needed to lose weight

My wife, Yul Kwon, and some guy who needed to lose weight