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“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
―  Lyndon B. Johnson

My parents always told me to say thank you and be thankful for all the things that are given to you.  Often times this requires time for reflection of those things that have been given to you, but yet in business we are always told to be forward looking and to put things behind you.  Old habits are hard to break.  I’ve always been sentimental looking back at better days, but I think maybe its just about living in the now, not in the past or in the future.  If you truly want to enjoy life, you have to live in the moment as it comes to you.

Today as I left my job of 3 years I tried to think ahead to the exciting new job I will be taking on in 2014.  That said, I could not help, but turn my thoughts to 2 childhood friends who lost their children through horrific accidents this last week.  When I asked the grandfather of one of the kids about how he was doing, he just told me to smell the roses and hold your children close.   I watched the families of both of the deceased and was really moved by how each of these families could be so strong.  In both cases the family asked friends to donate to the cause of others who were suffering.

It was such an unselfish move.  I am sure they are all grieving privately, but from what I can tell both families enjoyed their children and celebrated the people they were and not what could have been or what they had been.

All of this reminds of the holiday season we are in.  We must give thanks and then go forward to enjoy what we have.  For those who wonder if having children is worth it? Yes, raising children is difficult, but there is nothing greater than the joy they provide on a daily basis.   Sometimes the moments are simple.  Other times they are inspirational, and other times they make you laugh so hard they are better than a movie…….

Get Bieber Fever

Over the weekend my family went out on a movie night and as we went shopping before the movie, my 11 year old daughter remarked that her 14 year old brother had not showered after basketball practice and smelled.  So when her brother wasn’t watching, while we were at Target, she sprayed him with the perfume tester of Justin Bieber’s, “Girlfriend”. before he realized what was going on.  My daughter was beside herself with the ingenuity she displayed.  My son, on the other hand, was not impressed with how beautiful he smelled.

As we sat eating popcorn during the previews in a half empty theater and attractive  20 something young lady entered the theater.  I think every guy turned their head.  The next thing you know she looks my son’s way, smiles, and not only decides to sit in our row, but picks the seat right next to him.  Stunned, my son, daughter and I shrugged.  The next thing I look at my phone.  My daughter texted me, “She must have Bieber Fever”.

I did not stop laughing for 2 hours.  I hardly remember the movie.  The smile on my daughter’s face and he giggle was so priceless and a joyful noise that I cherished for the beautiful moment it was.