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“You know you are in Love when the other person’s individual happiness is more important than the desires you have for the two of you together.”

It is still over 2 weeks to go and we are still waiting for MRI results.  That’s a good thing I think.  We’ve gotten into a good routine and my wife has refocused her mental energy on work and the kids.  I am personally struggling with how to keep things together for the 2-3 weeks where I will have to carry 100% of the physical action while also maintaining a full load of work.  I don’t want my kids to feel like we are tossing them around to other people to drive them everywhere.  My 8-year old son is already getting a little clingy with his mother.  The kids have been excellent though understanding that mommy is going to need them to help out.  I’ve avoided telling them the exact day of the surgery as I don’t want to stress them out the morning that i take them to school.  We’ve basically explained this as another business trip for mom except that she is going to be exhausted for a couple weeks when she gets back.  These next two weeks they are practicing “staying out of mom’s hair” while mom gets work done on her projects.  They are growing up through this process fairly quickly, but after it is all over we are going to have to help them become silly kids again.

Yes, mental distractions are what we are continuing to strive for as we try to remain busy.  My wife told me a few things she is going to do in the next couple days that I would normally have said “No” to, but right now I just want her to keep happy.  The other day I finally awoke to a birthday and didn’t realize it was that day until I got a call that afternoon.  Suddenly if dawned on me that I was definitely distracted by my concern for my wife that normal everyday events which are important to me were no longer a priority.

My wife commented to me last night as we watched the closing ceremonies that having the Olympics on the last two weeks really helped to challenge her inner spirit.  It wasn’t just the stories of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, but the stories of age over youth (Jeannie Longo and Sara Torres), overcoming tragedy (Hugh mcCutcheon), unbearable pain (Zuzana Thomas), handicap (Natalie du Toit), and a year long struggle and grieving for the loss of a loved one (Matthias Steiner) that have inspired her that the mind can heal and drive you to greater things if you want them.

I told her she can have whatever she wants.  We just have to start thinking about what those things are.