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Energy and persistence conquer all things.
Benjamin Franklin, Inventor

Apple iTunes

I’ve been asked how I view this blog.  Well I view it as therapy as well as a resource for husbands with wives who have breast cancer.  I’m not the same as every husband and I know I am unashamedly more sensitive than most guys, but heck I need support too.  All of us do.  The problem is that guys in general don’t open up and tell you how they are doing or feeling.  In fact at yesterday’s meeting with the psychologist she offered an opportunity to attend a husband’s support group.  I don’t think I’m ready for that personally.  Also, contrary to popular belief, guys sitting around talking about their wife’s breasts just seems a bit peculiar.

In fact, this blog is a bit funny in that I’m actually finding this a great opportunity to speak my mind to strangers, yet when my cousin found my blog, I was a bit weirded out.  it got too personal.  I asked one of the other husband’s from school who has been a great resource and he said, “Yeah, I felt like everyone was staring at my wife’s chest for months.  I told myself she was now a priceless piece of art, the Mona Lisa.  People were now required to look at her through 2 pieces of bullet proof glass from a distance and pay an admission fee.”  We chuckled and he told me I’d get used to it and that all the craziness and drama would go away as soon as I reached Stage 2 (post Surgery) and Stage 1 (The Wait) was over.

As the days lead closer to the actual surgery, we are being inundated with appt. emails (as well as calls from our next two presidential candidates (McCain and Obama) and our awareness of everything “cancer” is showing up.  I notice the pink ribbons more, I notice more stories of other people with cancer.  In the restroom at the mall was a series of posters for Searchforthecause.org. Looking at my own community I thought about not only my mother and mother-in-law and realized that I have 6 women related to me (including cousins and aunts) who have been affected by breast cancer.  There are even more when I broaden my community to friends, neighbors and our school.  Then I saw this televised concert tomorrow on CBS featuring Beyonce and just diagnosed actress, Christina Applegate, along with cancer survivors Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong.  There is a new song called Stand up and you can buy it on iTunes to help benefit cancer research.

Apple iTunes

Yes, cancer seems all around us and I am having trouble focusing myself these days as well.  I’m definitely in a good state and need to revisit my benefits on what I want to get out of this.  There are definite gentle reminders in life to revisit your priorities and this is one of those times to do it.  As Ben Franklin, said, “Energy and Persistence”.  I have to get through it the next 5 days and we’ll be right there ready to start living a life of moving forward with new conviction.