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” I am superwoman” – Alicia Keys

Drain check – 30ccs one side, 40 ccs the other

Today was the first day back to a normal routine or as normal as we can have it.  I went back to work and took the kids to school (normally she does that).  I still got to work early and tried to bury myself back into a routine.  It was hard not to think about my wife alone at home.  I left her with everything she needed at a low level and poured out heavy items into smaller containers.  Shwe was fine and said it felt good to be independent.

My mother stopped by to help her with lunch and the kids were picked up afterschool for playdates.  We had an old family friend come by to help with dinner and getting the kids ready for dinner and get their homework done.  it was an exhausting day for her and she admitted to being lonely and having tears in reading all the well-wishing emails.  Unfortunately I had a late night meeting  but stopped in or called several times to check in with her.  I drove her car to work today and the CD was set to Alicia Keys singing “I am superwoman”.  My wife had been playing that over and over again in the car to psyche herself up prior to surgery.

I am hoping that on Thursday she’ll also be able to get her drains removed.  That will help allow her to drive again.  We’ll probably let her test her mobility on the weekend and see how comfortable she feels.

Today was a bit of a training wheels day for all of us.  Could she handle being alone.  Could I get my mind back on work?  Would the kids be thrown for a loop with a change in the schedule?  I don’t think we passed with flying colors.  We’ve bonded so well as a family over the past several weeks that being apart was hard for us and the kids.

It might be a little too early to try and get back to normal, but we will try.  We aren’t ready to take off the training wheels.  And that’s okay.