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“Lay Low, people might think you are back to normal”

My wife’s drains are down to about 30ccs a day and it really varies based upon the amount of movement she has in a day.  She has been getting antsy and everyone keeps remarking how they are amazed to be seeing her sending tons of emails as always.  I also seem to be getting more phone calls from my wife who is supposed to be laying in bed and resting.  She spent one day talking on the phone for 3 hours and her drainage went up. 

Today I came home to find her having taken out all the trash, done a couple loads of laundry and sent out bunches of emails as well as watered all the flowers that she had received.  I told her if she didn’t cut it out I was going to tell everyone she was fine and they didn’t need to send meals or help anymore.  They say it’s hard to keep a good man down.  It’s worse with women.  I say that kiddingly of course.  She’s just itching to get out.  I pampered her tonight with another bathing.  It’s our alone time after the kids go to sleep.  Yep, just lean her back over the tub and give her a long shampoo and conditioning.  I could see her finally relaxing and just closing her eyes.  Yep, that’s how you keep a good woman down.

She’s still worried a little about losing hair from chemo but some friends have mentioned a shampoo that is supposed to help you not lose your hair.  Me, I’m concerned about her bandages and being afraid to look at ther chest.  We’re also wondering about that first bill that is going to come.   Our plan pays 90% of the bill but that will still leave us with a large bill to pay.  Now they are asking if we would like an ONCA which judges your possibility of recurrence.  The problem is that insurance pays very little of this $3500 test.  All I know is that my MIL had this surgery 25 years ago and is still cancer free.  That’s a good enough test for me, but it is her decision.

Tomorrow is the visit with the breast surgeon and she’ll go over the pathology report with us.  She’ll also recommend an oncologist for us.

Tonight we had our first family game night in a couple weeks and the kids really enjoyed it.  We forget how sensitive they are and we need to maintain our focus and keep them engaged  I told my wife that the kids are the main healing point for us and they are picking up on every vibe we give them.