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“Peace begins with you”

Stats: Drain emission: 20ccs on the left 15ccs on the right

Well today is about tomorrow.  The drains get taken out and there will be a great liberating experience for her.  Right now I don’t think I want to be in there when it happens.  It might send shivers up my spine. Maybe I’ll just put a magazine up to my face.   I know though that she will take half a Vicodin and hopefully not be in too much pain.  If that goes well, she should be able to operate “heavy machinery” by Thursday.

For me it will help me in body, mind and soul.  I’ve lost 10 pounds from this ordeal and I’ve cut my exercising way down.  The nervous energy and lack of sleep has been taking its toll on me.  I really hit back into the work groove next week with travel and a speaking engagement at a conference (oh yeah, I need to write that speech).

Tonight was back to school night for our daughter.  The teachers are very aware of breast cancer and proudly displayed their “Susan G. Komen” Race for the Cure shirts from this past weekend.  My wife is the class mom this year but couldn’t attend.  The moms aware of my wife’s situation understood but interestingly enough nobody else asked where she was.  Each girl leaves a message on the desk for their parents.  This year’s theme, “Peace begins with you”.  Our daughter wrote, “Peace begins with mom.”

These days it sure does.  And tomorrow mom will sure have some peace when those drains are removed.