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“Today almost felt normal”

This morning raindrops turned to sunshine and we all got up and packed for a morning at the soccer field for our daughter.  Everything worked well as we got a good parking space in a difficult area, our daughter scored two goals, and we had a good time with the other parents.  Afterwards we came home, washed up and changed, and then went to the baptism of our friend’s adopted beautiful daughter.  Of course the usual questions came up about how we are doing and some of my best friends finally had the chance to see us for the first time in weeks.  It was good to just see them and say hello rather than talk to them on the phone.

Our life really had taken a detour.

We didn’t stay at the party long in order to conserve energy.  We both needed it as we fell asleep with afternoon naps before I had to gt up to get a long-needed haircut. 

While dinner seemed normal, it was anything but normal.  It was the first time she had made a meal in a month.  It cost her a lot of energy, but she did it (I did the dishes) and she was very happy to contribute to our daily life,  Tonight before going to bed with her normal dose of pain medication she said, “Today almost felt like a normal day”.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  I still feel like I’m tip-toeing and walking on eggshells to make sure she doesn’t get hurt or fall down, but we are slowly building back up to a comfort level.

We have three more consecutive Monday meetings with the plastic surgeon as well as our first meeting with the oncologist coming this week.  We are both a little nervous about that as we still haven’t heard how our oncotype scores have come out.

Right now the pain comes when she has been upright too long.  I don’t think this is going to change until she gets swapped out with implants.  It looks like we will be living with Vicodin and Adavan for a couple more months.  Hopefully we can both find more distractions to keep our minds busy over the next couple weeks.