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“If I could, I wish I had the cancer, not my son” – mother of a cancer victim at the local pediatric cancer ward

This past weekend was a nice chance to sit back and be thankful for all that we have even though things are not perfect.  It has been a long four months but we are entering the home stretch.  We do have some issues and unfortunately I am frustrated that i can’t help my wife with some of her final decisions related to a clinical trial with bisphosphonates that could become a problem should my wife need oral surgery.

Other than that, life isn’t bad right now.  My wife has been able to get herself off of all her drugs and will be starting her Tamoxifen treatments tomorrow.  Her OS treatments start Thursday.  I will be having to watch her moods as these two new drugs entering her system might have an effect on her moods.  She is off of Ibuprophen and the Adavin.  Next Friday is her swap surgery and we will begin the recovery.  Its a lot to be going through with one’s body so I hope mentally she is okay.

I did have to tell our children that their mother was going to have one more procedure as I don’t want them to be worried when there mother has to go to the hospital again.  They are smart so we can’t fool them twice.  We told our kids that it is a smaller proceudre to check on their mother and make sure she is okay.

On a side note I took our son out this weekend and he got his first birdie.  I’m sure it will be the first of many.  What impressed me more was his low key manner and smile when I congratulated him.  He is learning to take life on an even level but I sure do hope that he learns to enjoy the many simple pleasures in life that he will have.

Well tomorrow is the first day of December!  I can’t believe this year is almost over!  It has definitely been one of the more trying years in my life and I am going to be happy when it is over.