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Anything is possible, but you have to believe and you have to fight.
 – Lance Armstrong


Before I make today’s entry I have to add one more thought about yesterday’s entry on listening and that is to remember to listen to yourself.  Listen to your body and more importantly listen to your soul.  More often than not, listening to those two will keep you out of trouble and more importantly keep you happy.

As I go out to run tonight and for my last runs of the year, I feel my internal fortitude and my stamina growing with each run.  Someone once said that running really begins when you forget that you are running.  Each night I seem to just get lost in my thoughts and run to forget the day and remember what I want to do.  Last night I checked out my brand new Nike Plus Sport pack and I felt like I ran like the wind.  Before I knew it I had run over 5 miles and I hadn’t even really started pushing myself.  It felt so good and I felt energized.  The Nike Plus Sports kits really help making those long runs seem short. 

Why am I talking about running?  I guess I just feel like finishing this year on a high note and running seems to be one of those things that has kept me going this year.  It has always been there as a sport my whole life, but now it is there once again as a resource, an outlet, for letting me get in touch with myself and to help me listen -help me listen to myself and others.  It takes me away to another world away from my troubles.  They talk about runner’s high and that is what I get.  What do I listen to?  Here is a link to the kind of music I listen to.  Imagine me running the quiet shopping neighborhoods and streets of San Francisco as I run.  Let me take you with me:

The words and the rhythm inspire me: …You’re close enough to see that.. you’re the other side of the world to me…”

Yep, running makes me feel stronger.  Feel stronger in my love for my wife, my love, my family and my conviction to move mountains to get through the trouble that we encounter.  2008 has been a tough year for us.  Maybe it was not as tough as for other people in this world, but it was tough enough and the only way I know how to get through it is to get tougher, get stronger and find the inner strength to move on.  Maybe this is my New Year’s resolution.  But I don’t need any.  I just want to move on to 2009.