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“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.” — Woodrow Wilson

I was recently asked if some of my earlier posts could be used on the site www.Fightpink.org.  Quite frankly I was surprised as I never intended for these postings to be used elsewhere.  The intent of this blog becomes clearer every day as it is more for me than anyone else.  My memory isn’t what it used to be, but more importantly I’ve always documented my thoughts and someday I’d like my children to know why I did what I did or know what I thought about particular incidents in our lives.

Reading those old posts was haunting.  I guess I’d forgotten already how I was feeling at that time.  That is pretty funny given that many say I have a photographic memory.  I laugh at that as I pretty much find myself to be so scattered in life that I just document my life meticulously so I won’t forget.  I listen and listen hard.  I listen to learn and listen  to comfort others.  I sometimes am asked why I don’t speak up on some conversations.  I guess that I’ve always believed that sometimes silence is golden.  And sometimes silence, pictures and images speak a thousand words.

Right now it’s all about listening to my wife’s questions.  I can see and hear her concerns about her surgical scars.  She doesn’t complain but tells me about the research and conversations she is having.  The skin-sparing matectomy has several kinds of scars, but the ones my wife had (over 18 only please) can be depicted through the attached photo links:

Areolar: http://www.justbreastimplants.com/gallery/incision_areola.htm

Crease: http://www.justbreastimplants.com/gallery/incision_crease.htm

The areolar was used for the original expander, but the crease was used to help reconfigure my wife so as to allow my wife to have a bit of a reduction.  Right now the ster-strips still cover the scars.  The black and blue are gone and now the healing once again becomes both physical and emotional.  While many would think this sounds more physical, I’m listening to my wife and her voice.  She wants to look normal.  Normal for me and for her.Pictures speak a thousand words for her.  Seeing things look almost normal will have an emotional healing that things are still the same for her.  Hearing her husband honestly telling her that he thinks she looks great is one thing, but she is going to have to believe it herself.  Any married couple knows that.

Tomorrow I think I’ll talk more about my own expectations and observations for 2009.