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I have just finished a book by Donald Wilhelm called “This Time’s A Charm”.  Its about Donald’s fight to survive cancer 4 times and beat the odds.  To me this is more than a cancer book but a personal philosophy book that I think anyone should read whether you’ve had cancer or not.  I am part of Donald’s blog book tour  (the last stop) and hope you all can follow along:

“This Time’s a Charm” Cancer Blog Book Tour Schedule

2/16/09 www.fightpink.org 
2/17/09 www.cancerbookreview.blogspot.com
2/18/09 www.uniboobclub.blogspot.com
2/19/09 www.moutray.wordpress.com
2/20/09 www.makesomelemondae.com
2/21/09 www.awesomecancersurvivor.com
2/23/09 www.serendipityfactory.com 
2/24/09 www.everythingchangesbook.com
2/25/09 www.cancercornerlive.blogspot.com
2/27/09 www.appendix-cancer.blogspot.com 
2/28/09 www.imtooyoungforthis.org 
03/1/09 www.route53.wordpress.com

I will publish more on my thoughts and feelings as well as ask Donald some questions that will be published on 3/1 right here along with Donald’s answers.