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“A rested mind will allow for a stronger fight”

I am finally back from work travel. It is a relief to be back by my wife’s side.  While I was gone for three days we started to get a clearer picture of our timeline.  We have rearranged our lives to take a family vacation this week and when we get back we have three appointments:

  1. MRI
  2. Plastic Surgeon
  3. Genetic Testing

My goal is to keep my wife’s mind off of the cancer as best we can by turning off her cell phone and stopping the emails.  We did also get our surgery date down to the 9th of September.  The kids will be back in school and she will have more time to rest.

We’ve taken a couple steps to tell our eldest child (8) more about mommy’s breast cancer so that he will take it easy around her more to get used to not asking his mother for everything.  He has been more scientific about it than we expected and has taken a leadership role in instructing his younger sister (6) that they need to ask dad for things more often.

My wife still is not relaxing as much as she should. I sense her overtalking and waking up with a sore throat.  Her mind is racing and thus it is my hope that taking a family vacation will be a good distraction for a few days.