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“You are not alone – we are all here to fight and recover with you.  Don’t fight alone.”

We have made a conscious decision to be honest with our children yet at the same time to try not to disrupt their schedule.  We are sensing some sensitivity in our eldest son.  It has been a struggle for him as he has always been close to his mother yet at the same time very unobservant about things around him. He’s suddenly finding how his actions affect others and how he might have the opportunity to help his mother in her recovery.

We have had the children hand out Livestrong wrist bands to relatives to tell them to support their mother in her fight.  Many ask why we are not wearing the pink bands specifically for breast cancer but we don’t want to advertise too much that my wife is specifically suffering from breast cancer.  Handing out and wearing the bands really makes our children feel like they are helping their mother and I can tell that they are proud to support her although they probably do not (and purposely on our part) truly understand the seriousness.

We did hear that it will take about two weeks to recover to be able to drive and not feel as tired.  I’ve had to reschedule a few meetings to make sure that I will be around to help her with the kids.  I could use help from all of her friends and my family but I just have to be there.    This really isn’t a strain for our family but a labor of love for a wife and mother.