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There is no i in “Team” or in “cancer”.

Today we took a rest after a 3 mile family hike and a nice swim.  It was nice to get out, breathe some fresh air again and hold hands as a family.  My wife and I talked about making sutre that the next 24 days are spent getting in some good exercise and staying healthy as the recovery period will sap her energy and afford her little time to keep in shape.  We’ve been reading from some people that there was little weight loss and have been told that resting in bed will give little time to stay in shape.

Reading inspirational stories from 40+ something athletes like Dara Torres who are in better shape now than in their 20s helps as a motivational story.  Lance Armstrong, Scott Hamilton, Sheryl Crow and other celebrities act as inspiration.  the more she realizes she is not alone and that thousands of people are surviving in their own way, my wife has started to focus on “how she is going to survive” and not “how she might die” or “how she is going to be losing a limb”. 

Even our children are getting more into the spirit.  Our 8 year old son has adopted a regimen of 10 pushups every morning.  Our 6 year old daughter with her little legs worked hard to keep up with us on the hike and nodded to me several times while pointing to her little “yellow” Live Strong bracelet.  Later when our son acted up by defying an order from my wife as well and when I shot him a look, he nodded, and apologized.  Our kids are learning  every day that this is going to be a team battle and a long journey.  My son asked me today if this will be happening soon.  I told him this will still be three weeks away and he smiled saying….”Seems like forever”.

This will be a battle of endurance and we are not even to the peak (no valleys here).