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“Be the Tortoise, not the Hare.  This is not a race.”

Is it ironic that the little saying on the nametag of the waitress at Heidi’s in Lake Tahoe said, “Enjoy Life”?  It was our last day of a wonderful vacation with family and I asked our perky 54 year old waitress why it said that on her tag.  She said that she had gone through some struggles in life and appreciated what she had.  She said she took the time to smell the roses every day.

I think my wife has embraced this battle with so much vigor that she might burn out.  I don’t want to slow her down as I see her energy being used to distract herself, but I also see how tired she is from runnning around all day and talking to people.  She has gotten hoarse from talking nad has developed a bit of a cough that has her worried.

Fortunately her doctor ordered her a chest x-ray just for piece of mind.  My wife sometimes gets thoughts in her head and no matter what I say, she is going to think what she is going to think.  Stubborn?  Head strong?  Maybe a little of each. 

The battle now is to get her to slow down and smell the roses.   Its hard too get her to settle down and stop talking.  The anxiety is taking its toll and she is still finding her short of breath.  She knows that this might be all in her head, but the only way to get it out of her head is to see for herself.

She has been definitely more resourceful of late which is a refreshing change, but I don’t expect her to be Superwoman.  She understands she has to slow it down.  I just have to remind her.