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Your strength allows me to live and thrive”

Traveling away from your spouse when she has breast cancer is so hard.  I spent the whole night before leaving for my strip just preoaring things around the house so my wife would not have to deal with them while I am gone.  Leaving my wife for a few days is hard.  This is not just any business trip when you know your sife is hurting and you have to leave her.  That is not waht you do when you love someone.

Even on the airport shuttle I ran into a gentleman who was traveling to visit his cousin who is dying of breast cancer.  It jsut seems to be everywhere I look.  Someone is talking about breast cancer.  At this conference I ran into the conference organizer who tahnked me for my contribution to her 3-day cancer walk efforts.

I do thank my wife for being strong enough to let me continue to work, to let the kids continue to enjoy their summer and for those around her to not feel uncomfortable when they are with her.

In reality nothing can really happen while she is gone.  Breast cancer takes years to matastecize according to what her doctor said.  Things don’t change that rapidly.  Now her doctors only have a limited view through my wife’s mammogram so while we believe we are only at Stage 1 breast cancer, we’ll know more after the MRI and other tests.  It just still is hard to be away.  My wife though let me know that she is okay and that she knows that I love her more than ever.  It does give me some peace of mind.