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“From Patience comes Power”

We are officially 2 days post surgery and my wife was taken home 25 hours after her surgery was complete.  She was itching to go home to her own bed.  When transporting the patient home, it is always a good idea to bring a pillow to cushion against the seat belt straps.

We were sent home with two vials to measure drains and lots of medication: Vicadin, Ibuprophen, Atavin and Keflix.  They are lots  to take and the Vicodin dosage we already cut in half as it was just too heavy of a drug for her.  We got her home and then brought the kids in one at a time to see their mother.  Our son shed a tear for the first time.  When later asked if he was sad, he just said he was happy.  I think seeing his mother looking normal in bed and seeing that she was okay was a big relief for him.  Our daughter was next and gave her mother a dainty hug.  She was surprised to see her out of bed, but I think that once again it helped relieve the tension and worries that our kids had.

Meals have been great and flowers have been plentiful (almost too plentiful as we have run out of vases).  I do recommend you tell people do not buy flowers and rather send a donation to a cancer cause such as standup2cancer.org or the Susan G. Koman Foundation.  The letters from all the women have been incredibly uplifting for my wife.  Inspiration and Admiration are the words most used and they are appropriate.  I am definitely inspired by any cancer survivor.  Although every case is different, the stories I have heard along the way have touched me and now living with a woman who is surviving makes me so proud.

Keeping my wife down has been the hard part as I remind her that she is the patient while I am home.  Although she is feeling the energy to get around, I want her to conserve it.  Patience is what she needs.  My duties as her personal nurse today included washing her hair, stripping and dumping out her drains, and answering all calls and doorbells.  She is currently draining 70ccs of blood per side and needs to be draining 30ccs or less for her drains to be removed.

Most importantly my wife does not appear to be in much pain although she is suffering from some discomfort.