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Let’s stop, smile and thank everyone”

Day 3 post surgery and we don’t want to count our chickens (well maybe the chickens people have given us and we can’t fit in our fridge), but we just feel fortunate that things have gone well so far.  My wife spent an hour online writing emails today.  It was a lot of effort for her, but she felt happy to just thank everyone even if it was a mass email.

The support and well wishing notes really are a wonderful thing to receive.  We can never say enough how fortunate we are to have family and friends who care.  Tonight at dinner we thanked our now 9 year old son and our 6 year old daughter for being such troopers this past week.  We have said they are our inspiration and a big part of our recovery.  Although they’ve shown great maturity we want them to retain lots of their kid spirit.  Our son did not get to have a huge birthday party like all of his friends, but he said he was just happy to have his mom home safe and sound.  I couldn’t agree more.

The big news today is that she felt good enough to get off the Vicodin which was still giving her headaches and makin her sluggish.  The drains are still emitting 60-65 ccs each per side for the 24 hr. period (down 10ccs from the previous 24 hours.  The nurse said they wil only take them out when they emit less than 30ccs per side for 2 consecutive days.  She does have some itchiness whcih we are told is a good sign of healing.  I asked if she felt different and she said that although she used to have a large chest that she didn’t really feel a change in the weight balance in front of her, but she wasstill feeling a sense of tingliness where they would have been.

This weekend will allow us to go a few steps further in healing our whole family and getting used to our new routine that will start to loosen up over the next few days.  We still have to watch for fevers and any swelling or irritation.  Chemo and/or radiation cannot be ruled out until we see a clean pathology report.

We have a follow up appointment in 5 days with the surgeons and hopefully the drains might get taken out and we might have a pathology repot back. 

Just a short blog note today as I’m now geting under the weather and I don’t want her to get sick now.