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“Mom, You’re the MVP”

Ugh, they say that after two weeks you can drive and that after two weeks you get your drains out.  Well tomorrow is two weeks and we are on the brink.  It was Monday and I just couldn’t leave her a home.  I worked from home today in case she could get another appointment with the nurse.  The drain on her left side was causing problems again.  The drain was not keeping its pressure and was leaking again.  The gright side, the one with cancer, was draining fine and is now consistently under 20ccs.  Can we pull it out?

We got an appointment in the afternoon,  and took her in.  They replaced the drainage bulb on the left side and rebandaged her.  The nurse said that the right side looked okay and that we didn’t need to do anything.  We could come back Tuesday and remove the right, but the left side probably should stay in for another 2 days.  Ugh, we can’t come back to more days in a row,  We’ll just have to wait until Wednesday to have both drains removed.  She told us to take half a Vicodin before and then keep a half for later.  I hope it doesn’t hurt her that much.

Today after school when picking up our kid, our some came home with the class MVP award.  Something that designates our son as the leader of his 3rd grade class for the week.  He even gets a medal that says MVP.  He handed it to his mom without hesitation as soon as he saw her. “You’re the MVP mom, I don’t need to wear this.”

We sat in the front seat and touched hands.  Our son sat in the back as we drove to the hospital again for the 13th time in the past 60 days.  We are definitely fortunate.  This morning on the way to school I saw one of the other dads in the class.  It must  be one of his good days.  He’s been battling cancer in the pancreas and his brain for the past 4 years.  Yes, we are fortunate and we can’t forget it.

Well tomorrow is two weeks post-curgery.  it doesn’t look like tit will be eventful, but we’ll see.