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“I think we have a better persepective right now”

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most expensive places in the country right now is an interesting study during this down economy.  Many people are talking about selling their homes, holding on to their jobs, downsizing, etc.  There still is a lot of materialism going on, people are contemplating which option to choose for a new leadership and yet for us, the world seems to be at a standstill.  All of these factors seem inconsequential right now and my wife said it best tonight, ” I think we have the best perspective right now”.

She’s right.  We have plenty to be thankful for.  Tonight I went for my first complete run in a while and the cold wind against my heated face felt so refreshing that I almost didn’t want to stop.  At this point, I’m refreshed with the perspective that I’ve lived about half my life expectancy and I need to start dreaming of what I want to do as well.  Just like a kid who dreams of being a fireman or an astronaut when they grow up, it is time for my bucket list.  The DVD we watched this weekend had a special piece about the guy who came up with the bucket list concept and mentioned that it is different for everyone depending upon their point in life, but here is my list with a little different organization:

Bucket List

  1. With my children – visit their ancestral countries of origin and provide a deep respect for those countries – Italy, France, China
  2. For my children – leave them with lessons for living a happy and productive life
  3. For my children – provide a healthy respect for parenthood and the love of their parents
  4. For my children – a childhood filled with laughter and pleasant memories
  5. With my wife – provide her with the self-confidence and self-esteem that makes her great
  6. With my wife – help and remind her to enjoy life and savor it.
  7. for me – play golf really well (break 80?)
  8. for me – learn to play a new instrument
  9. for me – learn some new Hawaiian cooking recipes
  10. For my family – play golf as a foursome in a beautiful setting. (at least play Pebble Beach with my son)
  11. For my family – Visit an inspiring natural state park
  12. General – provide a positive legacy for a community
  13. General – let friends and relatives know they are respected and loved
  14. General – Inspire someone to do the right thing

Well that is it for now.   That’s a lot to do before I kick the bucket!  I’ll add more later if needed