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“Time Heals all Wounds”

We currently await our final decision on the oncology plan as well as our final fill before the swap out.  This coming week will be the final fill, we’ll schedule a date for surgery, and then begin the recuperation period. Amazingly it is hardly the major topic on our mind these days 

I wish I could tell our children about the emotions of the world today with a global recession, a new political environment, and many other macroevents affecting their family, friends, and community around them.  Someday they will see how difficult it is to raise a family and live a clean life devoid of heartache and stress.  In their smiles and laughter and innocence I see inspiration and drive to keep them away from the pain around them.  Daily I hear about families having to sell their homes or move away and it saddens me to hear that people are having to take such sacrifices to keep afloat.

My dad used to say that Time Heals All Wounds, but actions are important to me as I’d rather not sit still.  It is time I believe to work overtime and put in the extra effort needed to make sure we can maintain the course in these tough times.  Fortunately as a family we have a diverse plan of action that will help us to syndicate our efforts and spread the risk as well as maximize our efforts.  Tough times bring out the best in some and I am hoping that in these tough timeswe can just stay the course.

Today finished a stretch of events which have been distracting our family beyond our fight against cancer.  With 75 days left in the year we will begin a stretch that will challenge our imagination, our creativity, and our inner fortitude despite the many distractions in the coming months.  

But first we need to decide on an adjuvant therapy plan for my wife and a schedule that we can use as a guide to bring back health and normalcy to our family.